Sounds of Chickens and Roosters Will Be Translated with Artificial Intelligence

A study revealing the developing capabilities of artificial intelligence has been published. Researchers in Japan have developed an artificial intelligence model that can understand the emotional states of the ‘Gallinaceus’ winged family (chicken and rooster) from their sounds.

around us with living things As our interaction becomes more and more important, living things feelings and behaviors analysis now plays a critical role. In this regard, Japanese researchers benefit from the benefits of artificial intelligence.

‘Gallinaceus’ To translate the clucking sounds of birds and find out what they mean, Japanese researchers developed a new artificial intelligence model. Thanks to this model chickens and roosters It can be learned whether they are excited, hungry, or angry.

Researchers use the Deep Emotional Analysis Learning method.

University of Tokyo professor Adrian David Cheok A team led by various researchers started an artificial intelligence-supported study. With the ‘Deep Emotional Analysis Learning’ method, researchers discovered that chickens and roosters experience emotions such as hunger, excitement, fear and anger. various emotional states can decipher.

The main purpose of this study is to Learning Deep Emotional Analysis (DEAL) To enable detailed recognition of emotional states through auditory data, using the technique.

For this study, the researchers tested the system on 80 chickens. tested. In order for the artificial intelligence model to work more functionally, chickens and roosters were tested for 100 hours. audio recordings was used. Eight animal psychologists and several veterinarians collaborated with researchers on this study.


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With this experiment, researchers aim to shed light not only on our relationship with poultry, but also on our communication with other living species.

As a result of the studies carried out, the system of poultry It turns out that it can achieve surprisingly high accuracy in determining emotional states. The fact that each sound indicates a different emotional state means that the model they developed is based on sounds. expressive sound waves It shows you caught it.

Voices are not only interpreted emotionally, but also pave the way for situations such as interpreting behavior and giving meaning to movements. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed, but even the existence of such a study is in the future. our interaction with living things It shows how much it will develop.


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