Some TSMC factories were stopped due to earthquake in Taiwan

in the past hours TaiwanAn earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred in . Hualien While it was stated that more than four people lost their lives due to this earthquake, which was announced to have occurred 18 kilometers south of the city, warnings were also made against the risk of tsunami. This earthquake did not affect companies as well. So much so that there are statements that some companies have stopped production. According to the information provided, among these companies are the semiconductor giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or in short TSMC There is also. Here are the details…

Especially due to the earthquake, which is said to be more effective on the east coast of Taiwan. TSMCIt was announced that it has stopped work in some chip production factories. It is unknown when the company will resume its work.

TSMC‘s halt of production at some of its factories could have a significant impact on the global semiconductor market. As it is known, the company provides critical components to many technology companies around the world. In this context, any disruption in production, especially long-term pauses, can lead to supply problems in a number of electronic products such as smartphones and computers.

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Various sources, TSMCHe claims that will not suffer a serious financial loss and that the company will resume operations in a short time. The company is expected to make a statement on this issue.

Production stopped at TSMC factories!

So what do you think about this issue? What do you think TSMCWill stopping production in some of its factories cause a global supply problem? You can share your opinions with us in the Comments section below.

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