Some Diseases Can Be Prevented With a Developed Device!

According to the researches, thanks to the sensor called ImmunoSEIRA sensor, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases can be diagnosed by making use of artificial intelligence technology as well as many different technologies.

While artificial intelligence tools continue to make our lives easier in many ways, according to a recently published study, they can also be used in the medical field. can lead to good developments. looks like.

The innovative ImmunoSEIRA sensor, which benefits from many different technologies as well as AI, is more effective thanks to its ability to distinguish diseases. definitive diagnoses can hinder progress.

ImmunoSEIRA is promising for the future.

Developing tools to detect signs of disease, known as biomarkers, has been difficult until now. Different proteins correctly to separate and measure The barriers to accurate detection were many, including the limitations of current technology, but this device can detect specific forms of protein even in complex fluids such as human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), making it suitable for clinical settings.

To create this advanced biomarker sensor, researchers at Professor Hatice Altuğ’s Bionanophotonic Systems Laboratory (BIOS) and Professor Hilal Lashuel’s Molecular Neurobiology and Neuroproteomics Laboratory (LMNN); protein biochemistry, They combined many fields of science, such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Unlike current biochemical approaches that rely on measuring levels of molecules, the device neural networks It focuses on detecting the abnormal structures of the disease and shows promise for the early detection and monitoring of diseases and the evaluation of treatment options at different stages of disease progression.


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