Sinking Crypto Platform Can Pay Its Debts If Bitcoin And Ethereum Makes 2x!

The price level that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) must reach for the bankrupt crypto lending platform Celsius (CEL) to fully refund user assets has been identified.

Celsius received court permission earlier this month to convert its holdings into Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this context, crypto-focused investment company Bank of Future founder Simon Dixon 19 July Posted on his official social media account on in the shipmentagainst Celsius’s creditors obligation after the transition to meet bitcoin And Ethereum He calculated that he should do 2x.

Celsius’ liquid crypto assets are halved, according to Dixon data bitcoin And Ethereum assuming it is to 49,865 BTC And to 729,646 ETH He said he would have. In this context full payment Bitcoin available for 29,941 thousand at dollar level 83% soaring $54,879 He said he needed to get to that level. In addition, Ethereum is also required to provide refunds under the same plan. $1,906 from the level 96.74% experiencing the rise $3,750 It was also noted that the level of

Dixon last May sold all of Celsius. presence And their obligations debts of the buyer Fahrenheit 41.4% of equity and remaining 58.6% of He stated that he plans to meet from crypto assets. Fahrenheit’s new repayment plan mining, corporate loans, investment worth approximately $1.4 billion And $2.8 billion worth liquid crypto asset contained in it. The company subject to the calculation bitcoin And Ethereum assets made by Fahrenheit 2.8 billion dollar liquid crypto- based on its valuation. At the time of the Dixon calculation, half of these assets bitcoin if half Ethereum assumed it was.

Dixon also added that total liability to individual creditors 731 million Calculated in dollars but Fahrenheit’s total 64.7% with a recovery plan 339 million It is stated that he plans to meet the dollar part. On the other hand, creditors 10% of this amount by not claiming the rights to 76% noted that it could rise.

On the other hand, the founder bitcoin And Ethereum of the price to target prices before reaching bankruptcy case from the scope exiting should otherwise a new rug-pull indicated that it may have to be dealt with.

Coinecko according to data 30 days in 12.5% appreciated bitcoin, end 24 hours in 0.4% as of writing by experiencing the rise $29,997 traded at the level. Ethereum is the last in 30 days 10.4% last while gaining value 24 hours in 0.5% as of writing by experiencing the rise $1,908 level changes hands.

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