Simfer built-in set that adds practicality to your kitchens!

Built-in set is a system in which devices such as ovens, hobs and hoods, which are frequently used in kitchens, are placed in kitchens. The built-in set gives more space in the kitchen and a more modern look is obtained. In addition, the sets are very easy to clean and provide a more organized appearance in the kitchen.

Thanks to their practical use and aesthetic appearance, these sets add functionality and elegance to kitchens. It is possible to buy built-in products individually or as a set. Products with different volume sizes are offered for sale in colors such as black, white, inox, and silver. The models in the sets are made of glass and steel materials. Since they are produced as gas and electric, they also provide ease of choice for users.

What are the built-in set features?

built-in set models are one of the indispensable parts of modern kitchens. These sets usually include appliances such as hobs, ovens and hoods. Among the features of the models are their fully integrated, high capacities and easy-to-use control systems. In addition, modern sets have many additional features.

Cooking programs, automatic cleaning functions, touch screens are some of them. These features make its use more practical, comfortable and enjoyable. You need to choose a model according to the feature of your kitchen and the area where you will position the appliance.

Built-in set prices and models

The prices of the sets may vary depending on the model and features. Additional features such as cooking programs, automatic cleaning functions and touch screens are decisive factors on the price. On the other hand, a set with more basic features can be purchased at a more affordable price and there is an option for every budget. The key is to determine which features best suit your needs and compare prices.

Built-in sets are divided into 2 sets and 3 sets. There are 60 lt, 80 lt and retro sets in 3-sets. In sets of 2, there are hood & cooker sets, oven & hob sets and oven & hood sets. Which model you choose depends entirely on your usage needs. You can immediately choose the one that suits your needs among the models. You can also browse the Simfer built-in set models, which have affordable prices, and buy the model suitable for your kitchen.

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