Sam Altman Officially Returns to OpenAI

With the return of Sam Altman, the OpenAI board of directors has also become clear. Microsoft was on the OpenAI board of directors, despite claims to the contrary. A name to be determined by Microsoft will serve as an observer for OpenAI management.

OpenAI, one of the leading names in the world of artificial intelligence, recently announced its CEO Sam Altman. be fired and is on the agenda with what happened afterwards. The process, which was seriously painful for the company, is finally behind us. Sam Altman, with new board of directors Together, he took over the company again.

However, Microsoft also benefited significantly from these events. Because Microsoft owns the non-profit division of OpenAI to the board of directors managed to enter. Microsoft, which has “observer” status, will now be more visible in OpenAI. Meanwhile; However, Microsoft still has the right to vote on major decisions that OpenAI makes. won’t have.

It is not clear who Microsoft will send to its board of directors

Microsoft, which is included in the OpenAI board of directors, said: now silent. A call with a Microsoft spokesperson did not provide an answer as to who the company would send to OpenAI’s board of directors.


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Meanwhile; In a news we shared with you just the other day, OpenAI has Microsoft on its board of directors. he doesn’t want to see from your claims we mentioned. However, today’s news reveals that such a situation did not happen, which is not surprising. After all, Microsoft owns OpenAI. 49 percent partner and his absence from the board of directors was not something that was expected. Yes; Microsoft is not in a decision-making position for OpenAI, but it can influence the company with its ideas and recommendations. will direct.


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