Ripple Owners’ Lawyer Gives 3 Hints About Its ‘Big Announcement’: “The Community Should Expect These!”

Ripple The owners’ attorney, John Deaton, has given the community a major clue about what to expect from the so-called big announcement he plans to unveil soon. The XRP advocate, who took to the official

Deaton posted a photo of himself kneeling next to a small table to show that he was hard at work on some documents. published. This stance is considered the first clue as to what the community should expect in its upcoming announcement. As we reported, he also named XRPL as the second clue to look out for in big news. While it remains unclear what legal plans XRP holders’ counsel may have for crypto- It further increases the expectations from the community.

The last hint shared by the top crypto lawyer is that the announcement will focus on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) conducted by the Ethereum protocol in 2015. It remains unclear what the connection is between all these different parts. However, the announcement is set to highlight allegations by Deaton and several others regarding partial and selective regulatory actions taken against Ripple Labs and XRP.

Everything Needs to Be Solved

It’s worth noting that the only condition Deaton gave was that everything had to be taken care of before the announcement could be shared with the public. As a personality with great influence on the XRP community, Deaton and his announcement are poised to bring to light new information that could help the industry better understand the SEC’s actions, even if the end appears to be the end for the ongoing legal dispute.

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