Raoul Pal’s Praise for Ethereum Rival Altcoin: “Very Reliable!”

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal solana He thinks that the project is one of the best altcoin choices and potentially the most promising project outside of Ethereum (ETH).

Founder of Real Vision Raoul PalIn a new interview with Altcoin Daily, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, often referred to as Toly, has become a major thought leader in the crypto space and represents its ecosystem nicely as well.

Too many people become too involved with what they love because they love it and become a part of it. But I just observe Solana… I see Toly as a thought leader. He accepts those around him, builds bridges and does not destroy them.

The developer community is also very involved. People are really passionate about building their ecosystems and developing their technologies, and there’s a lot of people using it and there’s a lot of public awareness about the network.

As Koinfinans.com reported, payment giant Visa attracted attention by announcing that it had created new stablecoin settlement capabilities on Solana. According to Pal, it’s unlikely Visa isn’t at least somewhat on the right track. This is an important detail that highlights the reliability of the project.

“So why is Visa using Solana? Because it’s fast. It is fast and does a good job….

Not Ethereum. It’s different from Ethereum and even Toly’s question ‘Can SOL be a layer-2 on top of ETH?’ or ‘How do these worlds integrate? This just goes to show that it’s not that easy for Visa to make the wrong decision because some things can be bridged, some things can work together…

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