Pro-Bitcoin US Presidential Candidate’s First Job Will Be CBDCs: Promise to Ban!

US presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pledged to ban digital central bank coins (CBDC) from the first day of his victory if he wins the presidential race.

Pro-Bitcoin (BTC) US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis 14 July At the Family Leadership Summit held on CBDC on its first day would cancel its work stated.

Governor DeSantis, CBDCs with citizens financial behavior by observing “citizenship score” like private life to the privacy He stated that it can lead to harmful practices and used the following statements on the subject:

If I am elected president, we will cancel the CBDC from day one. It will be over and never will be.

US Federal Reserve (FED) CBDC studies, government by to support despite dissident people on the front restricting freedom seen as a tool. his assignment Florida Governor DeSantis, who is known to have introduced a bill to ban CBDCs in his state, last March. exploitation CBDCs because they have a structure open to that you oppose had stated.

on the other hand Governor Ron DeSantisin the presidential race he ran for Bitcoin will protect had promised.

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