Peter Brandt Updated His Bitcoin Target: It Will Be 200 Thousand Dollars By This Date!

Experienced trader and analyst Peter Brandt pointed out $ 200,000 for Bitcoin (BTC).

Peter Brandt, who stands out with his successful analyzes in traditional markets and has more than 40 years of experience, is the author of Bitcoin’s To $200,000 by September 2025 can rise explained. Brandt’s first prediction is for the top of the bull market $120,000 was the price target.

of Bitcoin Megaphone formation from November 2023 Stating that the resistance was broken with the recent rises, the analyst argued that $ 200,000 is technically possible if it is maintained above this level. On the other hand, last week’s lowest level A close below $50,000 He stated that he would invalidate this entire thesis.

In the cryptocurrency market Believing that the bull season will end around August-September 2025 The experienced name marked the $200,000 price target as the bull’s top:

With the upper boundary of the 15-month channel being breached, the target for the current bull market cycle, which I think will end in August/September 2025, is being raised from $120,000 to $200,000. A close for Bitcoin below last week’s low would negate this interpretation.

In addition to the price target he gave, as seen in the last bull market, “laser eyesThe analyst stated that he would use this as a reverse indicator if the “trend starts again” and called on his followers to “please do not wear laser eyes”. found.

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