Pay Attention To This List: Altcoin Group That Will Make 50x

Altcoinbuzz has announced a list for altcoins that are likely to make 50x. Obviously, this is the curious list. Because many of us intend to maximize our profits with our Bitcoin and altcoin assets. Definitely the best time to create your strategy is just before a bull market. In this article, we will examine five assets that are of interest because of their potential to generate extraordinary profits. Our coins for your crypto portfolio include Lybra Finance, Litentry, Lossless, Ferrum Network and Fuse. Let’s look at each of them now.

Altcoin Fuse

Altcoin Fuse is one of our favorite small-cap gems. This is because it has a good value proposition. Fuse wants to make it as easy as possible for people to create new tokens. Interestingly, Fuse Studio has a no-code option. This allows entrepreneurs to create their tokens containing fiat launchers. So businesses don’t necessarily need to code to create a loyalty token.

Altcoin Fuse has a native token FUSE and a stablecoin fUSD. Also, Fuse has an easy-to-use mobile wallet app. There are plans to provide real-world benefits and make it easier to pay with minimal fees.

Now let’s talk about why we expect growth in Fuse and why it should be in your crypto portfolio. Fuse focuses on payments. It is also a more decentralized option than altcoin XLM and XRP. As of now, there is a lot of developer activity on Fuse. Also, Fuse can compete with other payment giants given its low market cap and large ecosystem.

Also, payments ecosystems have been in high demand since altcoin XRP won the SEC lawsuit. So we can see others like Fuse come into the limelight as well.

As of this writing, altcoin Fuse is trading at $0.0572. Its market value is $13.2 million. And despite recent fluctuations, we believe Fuse can grow up to 20x under the right conditions. So it makes sense to invest in Fuse as it is still a low-capital crypto.

Altcoin Lossless

Lossless is another crypto that we believe can go up 20x and should be in your crypto portfolio. This is mainly because Lossless has pretty good foundations and its adoption has increased over the past few months. Lossless is arguably one of the best crypto insurance platforms. It provides insurance services for projects such as Ferrum. However, altcoin Lossless has not received as much attention as it should have.

Lossless has good foundations and we believe demand for this project will increase in the coming months. Hacks and crypto-related scams will push defi projects to look for security options. This is exactly what Altcoin Lossless offers. That is, its technology can detect attacks and bots. It will also reverse a transaction in case of a fraudulent transaction. Thus, the stolen crypto returns to its owner.

It also rewards users who detect attacks with LSS token, which can be used for various activities, including staking. In every way, Lossless has the right value proposition and community for growth. As of this article, the altcoin LSS token is trading at $0.1231. However, if all goes as planned, this price could easily increase 20 times in a bull market.

Litentry (LIT)

Altcoin Litentry could easily go up to 20x. This means that with a $100 investment, you can earn around $2000. Litentry connects user identities across different platforms. Also, this is a unique offer. Digital identities are becoming a big issue. Litentry also helps connect users’ identities across chains like Ethereum and Solana.

It also offers Litentry privacy solutions. It uses an on-chain confidential data processing feature to help users protect their privacy. There are two main reasons to rise on Litentry:

  • Increasing demand for cross-chain identity projects.
  • Litentry’s role as a leading cross-chain identity project.

Cross-chain identity providers will be in great demand in the next market cycle. That’s when projects like Litentry will see tremendous growth. Litentry makes it easy to use different chains. In addition to the services it offers, Litentry has already found good partners. On the other hand As we mentioned, partners are a good way to spot a project worth noting. Some of Litentry’s partners include:

  • ontology.
  • Standard Protocol.
  • Injective.
  • cere.

Altcoin LIT token is the native crypto of the Litentry protocol. It serves as the main value center in the ecosystem. So, as Litentry grows, we will see a price increase in LIT. LIT is currently trading at $0.7025 with a market cap of $31.9 million.

Ferrum Network

With a market cap of $4.1 million, the altcoin Ferrum Network is an undervalued L1. However, Ferrum’s core value makes it a project to watch out for. That’s why you should consider adding it to your crypto portfolio. It promotes bridgeless interoperability between blockchains.

This allows developers to export applications among leading L1s. Some of the services offered by the Ferrum product group are:

  • A fiat gateway.
  • A cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency storage.
  • An integrated wallet.
  • Risk-free over-the-counter (OTC) trading.
  • Peer-to-peer payments.

In addition, Ferrum Network offers a text-based messaging service that allows users to send cryptocurrency payments. Interestingly, Ferrum’s FRM token is hugely popular in West Africa thanks to its integration with the Kudi app. As of this writing, the FRM token is trading at $0.0361. With more adoption we could see up to 15x.

Lybra Finance

Liquid staking derivatives is one of the popular niches in DeFi these days. Lybra Finance is also a leading project in this field. Lybra has the best-yielding stablecoin eUSD backed by ETH and stETH. It also has a market capitalization of just under $17.5 million with a TVL of $372.74 million.

With 8 APY offers, Lybra will undoubtedly gain momentum soon. Less than four months after its launch, Lybra’s LYB token is trading at $1.50. There are possibilities that we could see this increase 20 times. That’s our 50x portfolio.

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