Opportunity to take a test drive with Togg Trumore

Domestic electric car company Toggstarted a new campaign. Togg’s app Trumore Various advantages will be offered to users who download it. According to the statement made on the company’s Twitter account, it will be possible to tour the Technology Campus and test the electric car.

Chance to tour the Technology Campus with Togg Trumore

A new opportunity has been launched for Trumore, known as the electric car company’s platform app. made from twitter in sharingIt was stated that every 25 thousandth person who downloads the application can visit the Technology Campus and use the smart device. In fact, the first five users have already been announced.

In the statement from Togg, “We invite every 25 thousandth person who downloads Trumore, 40 users in total, to visit our Technology Campus and test drive our smart device in April. Our first 5 guests have already been announced”.

Togg’s app Trumore is now available!

Togg has released its application, Trumore, today, where it will sell its vehicles, which will go on sale this year, with NFT. What does the Togg Trumore app offer?

It is not necessary to have a Togg smart device to use the platform, it is only necessary to download the application and create an identity (ID). Earn.more, one of the products that make up the platform, covers the services that give the user a win, and includes fintech solutions that offer uninterrupted payment and rewarding experiences.

With the e-wallet, it is possible to create in-car payment, mobile payment, digital asset wallet. Under digital asset management, various reward programs such as points, digital art collections and business model-based NFTs are offered to users.

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In addition to all these experiences, it will also be possible to pre-order the Togg smart device through the Trumore platform. Users will be able to pre-order their Togg smart device through a contest they will participate in through the Trumore platform or by drawing lots if they wish.

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