Opponents of Vaccination Held a Rally in Istanbul

Today, an anti-vaccine rally was held in Istanbul with the participation of about 2000 people. The ‘Plandemi Grand Meeting Platform’, which gathered at the Maltepe Event Area, carried banners such as “surrender to a lie” and “either captivity or courage”. Abdurrahman Dilipak was one of the speakers at the demonstration, where no control was made, including the HEPP code.

Vaccination efforts, one of the most important fronts of the fight against COVID-19 all over the world, have already saved millions of lives. Scientists are still working day and night to make vaccines more effortless and more protective. Although vaccines are easily accepted and applied by most people, there are masses against this practice all over the world. The Turkish leg of the opponents, on the other hand, became more active in their own cases and held a rally recently.

Anti-vaccine protesters in Turkey held a rally at the Maltepe Event Area in Istanbul. Akit writer to the rally where almost no one wore a mask Abdurrahman Dilipak also attended. According to Reuters, the number of people attending the rally was around 2000.

“The liquid funded by Bill Gates”

Meeting at the Maltepe Event Area on the coast of Istanbul’s Maltepe district. about 2000 anti-vaccineprotested against all kinds of regulations regarding the pandemic. The group that is against the use of masks, social distance, vaccination and all other similar measures; Against masks that do not reduce oxygen intake “We want to breathe, not a mask” He came to the field with his banners.

Journalist Abdurrahman Dilipak, who caused controversy with his statements on many subjects, attended the rally as a speaker. for COVID-19 vaccines “The liquid funded by Bill Gates is part of another plan” and the continuation of Dilipak’s speech was as follows: “We are here to challenge global powers. We are here to tell you how the virus, which you claim to be Covid, passed from bat to host, from there to human as a contagion, like a story. With PCR diagnostic kits, you started tossing a coin, whether there are viruses that PCR does not see in humans or not. You spread it to the world with the napkin test. Remember the people who fell and died on the street in China, those tragic deaths shown in the media. They showed you death and tried to persuade you to sickness.”



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“Visiting relatives and friends were blocked, they said, “Don’t shake hands or hug. I hope you hold the hand of your friend next to you. Now we are together. We’re going to break this game.”

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