OneUI 6.1 Breaks Galaxy 23’s Fingerprint Scanner

Some Galaxy S23 users reported that the fingerprint reader is not working after the One UI 6.1 update. According to the information received, the fingerprint animation does not appear when the phone is turned on.

Samsung started offering the much-anticipated One UI 6.1 update to users a few days ago. The new operating system version brought many innovations, especially Galaxy AI, to many devices, including the S23 series. However, feedback from users revealed that the company may have been in a bit of a hurry with the update.

Users sharing on Reddit, on their devices in fingerprint scanner He stated that they were having problems. All of the complaints came from Galaxy S23 series owners.

Fingerprint animation does not appear

When we look at the complaints you can find here, we can understand that the problem is not experienced by a few people, but on a large scale. Even Even the S23 FE had problems. There are people who say. Users state that they did not experience anything like this before One UI 6.1.

Let’s explain the problem a little bit. According to the information received fingerprint scanning icon does not appear on the phone screen. Users do not encounter this icon when they turn on the device with the power button or double click. When this is the case, the feature becomes unusable because the fingerprint scanner is not used in this way. not working. When you put it on a blank screen, nothing happens.


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Raise your finger in the comments when expected It was stated that the problem could be solved. If a user watches the fingerprint animation to shut down He stated that it worked. But other users continued to experience this annoying issue.

There was no statement from Samsung regarding the issue. However, we can predict that the company will solve the problem with an update soon.

There are also those who claim that the phone charges slowly

On the other hand, some S23 and Z Fold 5 users may experience problems with the phone after the update. it is charging slowly also claimed. However, it is not clear whether this problem is related to One UI. The charging speed of phones can depend on different factors. For example, they charge faster when the battery level is low, and slow down when it is high. Tests conducted by SamMobile also revealed and supported this that the device charges fast at low charge. So the charging issue is probably not related to OneUI.


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