On Wednesday, Facebook’s Metaverse Curtain Will Be Lifted!

towards the end of 2021 metaverseThe increasing interest in crypto money investors has also turned their direction to this area. many new cryptocurrency The project was also influenced by this trend and exhibited good rises.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the companies that ignited the Metaverse fuse. The company even changed its name to Meta to show how determined it is on this issue.

Now eyes are on the Meta balance sheet, which will be announced on Wednesday. Because the financial effects of Meta’s owner Mark Zuckerberg’s belief in Metaverse will be seen for the first time in this balance sheet. The company had previously stated that this is not a short-term investment.

The financial results of Meta’s virtual reality hardware Reality Labs will be disclosed for the first time in this balance sheet.

Meta is currently working on developing the idea of ​​a “common virtual world”. It is stated that the company, which has hired many engineers in this field, has bought many virtual reality game studios.

While analysts are eagerly awaiting data on Reality Labs’ profitability, VR market analyst Stephanie Llamas told Reuters:

“As an analyst, it will be very important for me to keep a close eye on Reality Labs without surgically examining Facebook earnings.”

Meta is expected to report revenue of $33.38 billion, up 18.9 percent year on year.

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