NVIDIA CEO: “Don’t let your children study computers”

After NVIDIA announced a record profit increase with artificial intelligence, the recent statements of the company’s CEO Jensen Huang became a hot topic again.

Artificial intelligence, the most popular technology of the last period, fascinated people who encountered this type of technology for the first time. The interest in artificial intelligence technology also had an impact on NVIDIA’s performance in 2023. CEO of the company Jensen Huang A recent statement came to the fore after the company broke a record.

Huang believes there is no need to learn coding

At an event he attended in Dubai United Arab Emirates Minister of Artificial Intelligence asked by “What should people learn when it comes to education?” Answering the question, Huang said: “It’s going to sound like the exact opposite of how people feel. You’ll remember that in the last 10 to 15 years, almost everyone has been telling you that it’s vital for your kids to learn computer science. Everyone should learn programming. The truth is just the opposite. Nobody You won’t need to do any programming. It is our job to produce a technology where programming is done in human language. Everyone in the world is a programmer now. This is a miracle of artificial intelligence. For the first time we bridged the gap, technological difference completely closed.” he said.

That we can build our entire civilization on artificial intelligence reservations Although there are many people with this problem, companies’ interest in artificial intelligence continues to increase day by day. As artificial intelligence tools such as Google Gemma become available, some tasks will be changed. artificial to intelligence is starting to be transferred.

What do you think the future of artificial intelligence will be? Really to computer science Will there be no need to focus on technology, or will artificial intelligence become a small part of business life in the future, as a tool used by everyone, like today’s Excel?


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