New Color Options Arrived for DualSense with PlayStation 5

Sony created new color options for PlayStation 5. These colors have also been adapted to DualSense. Players currently using PlayStation 5 will also be able to switch to new cases.

Japan-based technology giant Sony made an announcement that pleased gamers last night. State of Play carried out the event. At this event, announcements were made about the new games that will come to the PlayStation ecosystem and information about the games in question was made. brand new trailers It was published. However, the State of Play event was not just about that.

Sony announced a brand new series for PlayStation 5. “Deep Earth CollectionThis new series called ” includes 3 new colors of PlayStation 5. Moreover, these color options are not only for consoles, but also for the controller called DualSense available for purchase. Let’s take a closer look at both the colors and other information about the new series.

Introducing the new color options created for PlayStation 5:

According to Sony’s statements, the new color options prepared for PlayStation 5s are:Volcanic Red“, “Cobalt Blue” And “Sterling silver“. Moreover, gamers who already own a PlayStation 5 will be able to purchase the new color options as covers. Because Sony is launching the Deep Earth Collection. an external accessory will be offered for sale. Players can disassemble the case parts of their own consoles and use new colors. They will be able to assemble.

DualSense’s new color options will only be for the controller


Sony’s new color options for DualSense match the color options of PlayStation 5 It will be the same. Console owners will purchase DualSenses as a whole with new color options. Only case replacement like on PlayStation 5 it won’t be possible.


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Let’s come to the prices

Sony launches DualSense with brand new color options 4 October announced that it will be released on the market. It will take some time for the controller to reach all players globally. The company offers players who want to own this controller $74.99 He stated that they would pay. The new color options created for PlayStation 5 cases are available as covers. $59.99 can be purchased for . It is unknown when Sony’s new products will arrive in Turkey.

You can watch the promotional video for Deep Earth Collection below.

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