More than Half of Turkish People Cannot Cover Their Expenses

A new survey for March revealed the extent to which the public’s income covers their expenses. According to the results of the survey, it was revealed that the income of nearly 60 percent of the people was not enough to meet their expenses.

Turkey is located in economic distressIt increases a little more with each new price increase. With each new hike, the gap between people’s incomes and the money they lose is getting a little bit wider, while the issue of whether there will be a hike in the minimum wage again has been on the agenda for a while.


2nd Minimum Wage Increase Statement by President Erdogan: It Will Be Done If Inflation Really Crushes

Research Report Turkey A survey conducted by March for the month reveals how serious the situation has progressed. According to the survey, Turkish people more than halfstates that their incomes do not cover their expenses and they live with a deficient budget.

More than half of Turkey cannot afford their expenses

Research Report In the survey that Turkey published throughout March, it was measured to what extent the incomes of the participants covered their expenses. The results of the survey, shared by Turkey Report Director Can Selçuki on his social media account, show that more than half of the participants, about 60 percentShe revealed that she had to live on a missing income.

Participants 59 percentHere are the results of the survey, in which he stated that his income did not meet his expenses:

  • My income did not cover my expenses: 59 percent
  • My income barely covered my expenses: 27 percent
  • My income exceeded my expenses: 7 percent
  • My income more than covered my expenses: 6 percent

According to the survey, HDP voters are most affected by this situation.


However, within the framework of the survey, the participants which political parties They were also asked to vote. Thus, it was also measured to what extent the income of the participants could cover their expenses according to which party they voted for. According to the result of this, the people who complain the most that their incomes do not meet their expenses, HDP with 88 percent became the electorate.

The percentage of voters from other parties who said that their income did not cover their expenses was as follows:

  • AKP: 40.7 percent
  • CHP: 73.4 percent
  • MHP: 42.4 percent
  • GOOD Party: 80.8 percent

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