‘Moon Exploration Vehicle’ Inspired by Skoda Automobile

The space race and the automobile industry reach new milestones every year. A design company also designed the ‘Moon exploration vehicle’ by combining these two sectors. The design of the vehicle, which was planned in accordance with the physical conditions of the Moon, was inspired by the electric model of Skoda.

The automobile industry has been the field that has experienced the greatest change in the shortest time, perhaps, among the technological fields. In addition to the entry of companies such as Apple and Xiaomi into the automobile industry, well-established automotive giants continue their preparations to start electric vehicle production. If this is the latest news on the agenda in this sector Xtend Design It came from a design company called

In this period, where the space race has accelerated like never before, major automotive companies are eyeing ‘Moon exploration vehicles’ looks like it was planted. The US General Motors announced that they entered a joint project with the space company Lockheed Martin, and said that they would make a lunar exploration vehicle within the scope of this project. Similarly, Japanese automotive giant Toyota has started to design an exploration vehicle called ‘Lunar Cruiser’. “I’m in this race, too,” said Xtend Design, with the lunar exploration vehicle he designed.

Inspired by Skoda:

‘Lunaq’ The designer of the vehicle, called Tomas Rousek, states that this exploration vehicle can be used within the scope of NASA’s MMSEV, ‘Space Exploration Vehicle’ missions. Xtend Design, which has headquarters in the Czech Republic and London, introduced the exploration vehicle as part of ‘Czech Space Week’. During the presentation, the inspiration for the design of the vehicle was also mentioned.


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Rousek states that they were inspired by Skoda in the design of the reconnaissance vehicle. Skoda Enyaq so-called electric SUV model, In terms of name, it bears a lot of resemblance to Luniaq. Rousek states that the rover, which is currently only in the ‘design’ phase, was designed in accordance with the harsh conditions brought by the physical environment of the Moon. It is not known when humanity will drive around on the Moon, but it can be predicted that if technology continues to progress at this rate, it will not be too far away. It shouldn’t be surprising if we talk about drag racing on the Moon 50 years from now.

First images of the rover (design):

lunar rover luniaq

lunar rover luniaq

lunar rover luniaq

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