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Apple And Google to the long-standing default search engine agreement between Microsoft also got involved. for iPhone default search engine bing It was stated that Microsoft, which wanted this to happen, sat down with Apple to sign a multi-year agreement.

Microsoft wants Bing to be the default search engine for Apple devices

Details of the agreement that Microsoft and Apple negotiated in 2020 have emerged. Aiming for the Bing engine to compete with Google, Microsoft wanted to establish a partnership with Apple on this issue. Microsoft was aiming for Apple to use Bing instead of Google Search as the default search engine between 2016 and 2020.

Talks between Microsoft and Apple emerged in recent weeks in an antitrust lawsuit against Google. It was stated that Microsoft had many meetings with Apple to bring Bing to iPhones.

It was going to overthrow Google: There is no one left using artificial intelligence Bing!

It was going to overthrow Google: There is no one left using artificial intelligence Bing!

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According to the statement of Microsoft Vice President Jon Tinter, the talks became assertive at some points. In 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Accordingly, you can use Bing only siri And spotlight Apple wanted to make it the default search engine across all of its devices.

Apple, on the other hand, wanted to share advertising revenues in order to sign such a large agreement. Microsoft predicted this could lead to billions of dollars in losses and that shareholders would likely make negative comments.

Negotiations between Cook and Nadella were inconclusive. Talks in 2016 continued into 2020 and focused on making Bing the search engine for Apple users outside the US. Microsoft ultimately did not succeed against Google Search.

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