Microsoft Surface executive of 20 years is leaving the company

Microsoft, lost an important manager. He has been leading the company for nearly 20 years. Panos Panay In a surprising decision, he announced that he was leaving Microsoft. The future of Panay, who has been leading the Surface and Windows divisions since 2004, is uncertain for now.

Microsoft loses Surface and Windows executive

Panos Panay first joined Microsoft in 2004 and led the Windows team until 2008. In 2008, he became the manager of the Surface team. However, after 20 years, he decided to leave the company. With the shock decision, Microsoft’s Windows and Surface teams were reorganized.

Rajesh Jha, VP of Experience and Devices at Microsoft, announced Panay’s departure. He thanked him for his contributions to the company’s product portfolio and culture. Panay also shared a post on X, saying that he decided to “turn the page of his career and write the next chapter.”

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The person who will sit in Panay’s seat will be Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Consumer Marketing Officer Yusuf Mehdi. According to Rajesh Jha’s statement, he will lead Microsoft’s Surface team.

There will be some operational changes in the Windows team. Mikhail Parakhin, who was previously Head of Advertising and Web Services, will lead the “brand new” Windows and Web Experiences team.

No reason was given for Panay’s sudden resignation. However, this decision on September 21 It aroused curiosity as it arrived before the event to be held. For those who don’t know, Microsoft will announce in the coming days new Surface models and Windows 11 updates getting ready to share.

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