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Blow of fate for “Angels of Mogadishu”

“I have to learn to be a widow now”

Photo: Sven Moschitz

Michelstadt – Rüdeger von Lutzau carefully supports his fiancée on arrival at the airport in Germany. The couple are relieved: Gabriele von Lutzau (then still Dillmann) survived the Mogadishu hostage drama in 1977.

Now “The Angel of Mogadishu” weeps for his husband, who died of a heart attack on August 2nd at the age of 70.

“Rüdeger, the children and I always went out to eat together on October 18th,” Gabriele von Lutzau told BILD.

This year she has to spend the day of Landshut’s liberation for the first time without her husband. “I have to reinvent myself now,” she says. “I have to learn to be a widow now. Before that, my husband was always there. “

It is the end of a great love that began with the kidnapping of the “Landshut”. Read all the backgrounds and the whole love story with BILDplus.

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