Marvel Boss Reveals Whether Iron Man Will Return

Marvel President Kevin Feige put an end to the claims circulating on social media that Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man.

A claim that emerged in November had Marvel fans very excited. In the claim made by Variety, Marvel He wants to reassemble the original Avengers team., but it was claimed that the costs forced them. This meant that Robert Downey Jr. could reappear as Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.


Robert Downey Jr. May Return as Iron Man: Marvel Wants to Reunite the Original Avengers Team!

Today, a statement came directly from Marvel’s boss on this issue. President of Marvel Studios Kevin FeigeIn an interview with Vanity Fair, Robert Downey Jr. clarified whether he would return or not.

According to Feige, Robert Downey Jr. will not return: ““We will not touch that moment again.”

Feige puts an end to the discussion in the interview Robert Downey Jr. will never return as Iron Man he stated. Referring to the Endgame movie in which Iron Man died, the Marvel executive added that they had been working on it for years and that they would not touch that moment again:

We will preserve that moment and never touch it again. “We’ve all worked hard over the years to achieve this and we wouldn’t want to take that back in any way.”

Feige did not make any statements about the other Avengers members. However, this interviewThe original Avengers will return.” It is possible to say that he denies his allegations. It is unclear whether Scarlett Johansson will return. However, the famous actress confirmed in a previous interview that we would see her again, saying that she would star in an MCU project in the future, about which no details are available yet.


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