Leading Names of the Industry Come Together at Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2024

Istanbul’s leading blockchain summit, media sponsored by Koin Bulletin, will meet you at the Italian Cultural Center on Saturday, February 24.

altcointurk And RespectTradeThe main sponsorship of which will be realized in cooperation with SolorNetworkundertaken by Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2024It will be hosted by the Italian Cultural Center. While leading names of the industry will discuss different topics at the event, participants will come together and share information in areas reserved for networking throughout the day.

The summit will bring together industry leaders, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs; NFT, BIST and Cryptocurrencies, Algo Trade and Indicators, Blockchain and Journalism, Why Ethereum is Inevitable, Regulations, Blockchain and Web3 topics will be discussed.

Altcointurk and RespectTrade, one of Turkey’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, advancing with the philosophy of proof of community, will make a new signature that will leave an impact on the community at Istanbul Blockchain Summit 2024.

You can get a free ticket by clicking here to attend the event on Saturday, February 24, where valuable speakers will discuss topics from many different perspectives.

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