Larin Announces He Has Been Banned From Being A Doctor

The phenomenon named Larin Kayataş, especially known for his posts on Twitter, announced that he was banned from the profession because of his posts. Saying that he will initiate a legal process on the subject, the doctor asked support from his followers.

With the widespread use of the internet and social media, many phenomenon entry. These names, well-known to the internet world, sometimes focus on this business only to make money, and sometimes they can become a phenomenon only with their fun sharing. One of these names is known for his bold and controversial posts on Twitter. was Larin.

Larin is one of the names that draws the arrows of criticism with the posts he makes from time to time. However, Larin did not insignificant Needless to say, he has a supporter. This social media phenomenon, originally a doctor, is now on the agenda with an interesting event. So much so that Larin, due to his social media posts. banned from practicing medicineHe claims he was terminated from his employment.

After the announcement, his Instagram account was also closed

The doctor’s Instagram account, who explained his experiences through his Twitter and Instagram accounts, in closed state. Asking support from his followers, Capa Medical Faculty graduate Larin claims that he has been exposed to all kinds of mobbing and even about him. investigation It even talks about opening. The series of events ends with the dismissal of Larin Kayataş from the profession. So what happened in this process? Here is the statement Larin made from his social media accounts;


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