Kraken Founder Opened His Mouth and Closed His Eyes: A Harsh Statement Came After the SEC Case!

Jesse Powell, former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, made harsh statements about the SEC’s latest lawsuit against the exchange.

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 20 November filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Kraken for violating securities laws. This lawsuit filed by the Kraken regulatory body unfair is and this a solid defense against allegations He stated that they would do it.

About the topic shortly in the statement Jesse Powell, president of the SEC, describes the SEC as “standing in the way of emerging technology”.masochist” by defining the regulatory body as an entity new York in their courts Grayscale And to Ripple (XRP) It reminded them of their partial defeat against

Jesse Powell said the arguments used in the SEC lawsuit against Kraken have been used before. Binance, Ripple And coinbase He hinted that it has been tested against companies such as, but so far no significant results have been obtained from any of them.

Kraken was released to customers last February. unregistered staking service that he was accused by the SEC for offering the stock exchange’s paid 30 million dollars Reminding us, Powell included these suggestive statements between the lines of his statement:

USA’s biggest dacel is back with a new attack. Masochists are not satisfied with the beatings they received in New York and are pushing for a different RegDom in California. I thought we addressed all their concerns for $30 million in February. Are they back now?

SEC’s long-running lawsuit from $100 million Stating that he knew it would cost too much, the former CEO called out to the entire cryptocurrency industry. if you can’t afford it He said: You should leave the USA:

The message is clear: The $30 million was given to the SEC about 10 months before it came to blackmail you again. Lawyers can do a lot with $30 million, but the SEC knows that a real fight would likely cost more than $100 million and valuable time. If you can’t afford it, move your crypto company out of the US war zone.

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