Interesting Competition Where Robots Play Football: What is RoboCup?

Robots compete against each other on a football field in the RoboCup competition, which has been held every year for more than 25 years. So why is there such a competition?

Step by step, we are approaching the future where humanoid robots will take away boring jobs. However, extensive work still needs to be done for this future. To encourage these efforts, worldwide competitions being held.

One of these competitions has a very interesting theme. “RoboCup” competitions, humanoid robots compete against each other in football matches. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting competition.

What is RoboCup?

RoboCup originated in 1996 as the idea of ​​a group of Japanese university professors. The competition continues to be held regularly every year since then.

More than 2,500 participants from 45 countries in the competition, With over 2000 robots is starting. Among these participants, there are teams consisting of individuals from almost every age group, from students to researchers.

Competitions are not just about football:


RoboCup, although ‘Robot Soccer World Cup‘ is an acronym for the name, but the competition isn’t just about football and humanoid robots. Teams are also competing in the following titles in the competition:

  • Search and rescue: All robots that can be used in search and rescue efforts demonstrate their abilities in this area and compete against each other.
  • @Home (Home): Robots that will own the housework show themselves in this category.
  • Industry: All robots that can be used in production and industry, from logistics to business environment are shown in this category.

Why is such a competition held?

The purpose of RoboCup is not just to hold a competition and distribute prizes to talented robots like other competitions in its field. In competitions attended by thousands of participants Fundamentals of the development of robotic technologies being thrown.

RoboCup has already set a goal in its first day for the goal that robots can reach: By 2050, robots will have against the last World Cup champion Fighting according to FIFA rules and achieving victory.

RoboCup competitions are also provided from Turkey:


In the past years, some teams from Turkey also participated in RoboCup competitions and achieved great success. For example, the T3/0008 Star team, which participated in 2017, managed to win the championship in 5 different branches. The awards won by the team were as follows:

  • Best Exploration Robot
  • Best Autonomous Robot
  • Best Outdoor Robot
  • Best Small Exploration Robot
  • Virtual Robots Competition First Place

We not only participated, we also hosted RoboCup:

The 2011 leg of the RoboCup competition will be held on July 5-11. In Istanbul had been carried out. The robots in 2011 came face to face like this in Istanbul:

When is RoboCup 2023?

RoboCup 2023, 4-10 July will be held in Bordeaux, France.

One of the robots we will see on the football field:

Developed by the team at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California ARTEMISwill be one of the robots we will see in the football match in 2023.

Described as ‘the fastest humanoid robot’, ARTEMIS can move at a speed of 2.1 meters per second. He can also jump, keep moving on uneven floors, and maintain his balance.

In this way, you can see the development since 2011 in a tangible way.


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