Insider Trading Claim in Altcoin Listed by Binance: $55K Profit in 20 Minutes!

There has been speculation that a user made a profit of 55 thousand dollars by investing 10 minutes before listing in Rocket Pool (RPL), which was listed on Binance today.

According to data from Etherscan, an anonymous user is only eligible for Rocket Pool’s Binance listing. 10 minutes before 6193.46 purchased RPL. From the listing announcement, the user He sold them all 10 minutes later, making a profit of $55,400.

Significant actions by the user before such a big announcement “insider trading‘ raised his suspicions. Another anonymous wallet is just from Binance’s listing announcement. 30 seconds later 188,000 USDC by spending 5,353 RPL he bought. The user paid a high transaction fee to perform the transaction quickly, but this 15,000 USDC profit has achieved.

RPL, which is still in the top spot on Binance, is still in the top spot. CoinGecko after the announcement, according to data 50% off experienced a sudden rise. Before the announcement 30 dollars RPL traded at 50 Dollars again after rising up to the band for $32 declined.

On the other hand, a similar event occurred in Binance’s previous cryptocurrency listing. Listed on the stock market on December 12 magic (MAGIC) during the last 30 days before listing 200% had risen and some anonymous wallets had bought substantial amounts of MAGIC minutes before the news of the listing.

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