Increase in electric cars, where SCT reduction is expected! Here is the new price

Electric car transformation is among the most important agenda topics both in Turkey and in the world. In this sense, Turkey participated in this race with its own electric car initiative, TOGG. However, electric car prices are currently low. Tax reduction policies, which are seen as examples all over the world, have had their effect in our country as well. In this sense, the November 2023 Special Consumption Tax regulation, which will provide tax relief for electric cars, has been implemented. As you know, electric cars whose power does not exceed 160 kW are included in the 10 percent tax bracket if they do not exceed 1 million 450 thousand TL. In this sense, the prices of the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 +AMG +, for which a price reduction was expected, on the contrary, increased.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 + electric car price after new SCT rates

Mercedes-Benz has an important place among electric car models with its EQA series. With the latest law, the previous price of the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250+ AMG+ model with an engine power of 140 kW was 2 million 360 thousand TL. Now the new price has increased to 2 million 455 TL.

But where did the tax bases that led to the expectation of SCT reduction for electric cars come from? In this sense, the old SCT base was as follows:

  • Electric vehicles not exceeding 85 kW: 10 percent
  • Electric vehicles between 85 kW and 120 kW: 25 percent
  • Electric vehicles over 120 kW: 60 percent

Electric car SCT base level was updated as follows following the decision published in the Official Gazette:

  • Electric vehicles not exceeding 160 kW and not exceeding 1 million 450 thousand TL: 10 percent
  • Electric vehicles not exceeding 160 kW and exceeding 1 million 450 thousand TL: 40 percent
  • Electric vehicles exceeding 160 kW and not exceeding 1 million 350 thousand TL: 50 percent
  • Electric vehicles exceeding 160 kW and not exceeding 1 million 350 thousand TL: 60 percent

Of course, a big discount was not expected for the price of the Mercedes EQA 250 +. In this sense, it was obvious that the car would remain in the 40 percent tax bracket. However, the price of Hyundai IONIQ 5, for which a SCT reduction was expected, also decreased in this sense and fell to 1 million 717 thousand 829 TL. The price of the model before the SCT regulation was 2 million 300 thousand TL. Another electric car model whose price decreased and entered the 10 percent bracket was the Subaru Soltera e-Xtreme model. In this sense, Subaru reduced the price of the vehicle from 2 million 358 thousand 959 TL to 1 million 854 thousand 671 TL.

So far, there has been no change in the prices of other car models that fall within the 10 percent Special Consumption Tax bracket. Here are the electric car models and prices that fall within the 10 percent SCT tax bracket:

BYD Atto 3 Desing – 1.590.000 TL

Citroen e-C4 100 kW, Shine Bold – 1.436.000 TL

Citroen e-C4 X 100 KW Shine Bold – 1.497.400 TL

Dacia Spring Extreme Electric 65 hp – 969,000 TL

Fiat 500e La Prima by Bocelli HB – 87kW – 1.347.900 TL

Fiat 500e La Prima by Bocelli 3+1 – 87kW – 1.379.900 TL

Fiat 500e La Prima by Bocelli Convertible – 87kW – 1.411.900 TL

Hyundai KONA 100kW – Progressive – 1.390.000 TL

Hyundai Ioniq 6 – 111 kW 4×2 Progressive – 1.640.000 TL

Jeep Avenger 115KW Summit – 1.563.750TL

Kia Niro EV – 204 PS Automatic – 1.595.000 TL

Leapmotor T03 80 kW – 995,000 TL

MG ZS EV Luxury – 156 PS – 72.6 kWh – 1.649.000 TL

MG4 Comfort, 170 PS, 51 kWh – 1.299.000 TL

MG4 Luxury, 204 PS, 64 kWh – 1.519.000 TL

MINI Cooper SE Automatic – 184 HP – Inspired – 1.418.351 TL

Opel Corsa Electric 100 kW GS – 1.175.900 TL

Opel Astra Electric – 115 kW – Ultimate – 1.599.900 TL

Opel Mokka Electric 100 kW Ultimate – 1.493.900 TL

New Peugeot E-308 GT 115kW, 1.565.000 TL

Peugeot e-2008 GT 115kW – 1.580.000 TL

Renault Zoe Intense R135 – 1.348.900 TL

Renault MEGANE E-TECH Techno EV60 220 hp – 1.499.000 TL

Renault MEGANE E-TECH Iconic EV60 220 hp – 1.633.000 TL

Skywell ET5 ET-5 LR Legend – 1.655.000 TL

Seres 3 Electric SUV – 2022 model – 1,585,368 TL

Togg T10X V2 RWD Long Range – 1.563.500 TL

Togg T10X V1 RWD Standard Range – 1.227.500 TL

Togg T10X V2 RWD Standard Range – 1.329.500 TL

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