How much do office people pay for internet?

Internet at home It has become the need of many today. Internet subscriptions When we look at the options, we see differences in terms of both price and speed. In this context, ”Internet at the SDN office subscription how much does he pay for and What service providers does it use?‘We answered the questions.

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For which Internet package and how much do people at SDN offices pay?

In our country Internet subscription prices to the package contents varies depending. At the same time, the subscription fee varies according to the service providers. of the SDN office if to which service provider, for what conditions how much you paid we asked. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

We got different answers to the question of how much the SDN office pays for the Internet. those in the office, 80 TL with In the price range of 200 TL pays monthly. Hakki Alkan, founder of SDN, Turkcell Superonline to your service 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload for 202 TL pays a fee. In addition, Alkan is included in this fee. TV Plus is using the service.

When we look at the service providers used by the office, generally; Turkish telecom, Turkcell Superonline, Turknet and CableNet We see brands. On the other hand, you can specify which service provider you use, your Internet subscription package and price in the comments.