How do employers become attractive to Generation Z?

Tobias Jost

Tiktok’s “career guru” Tobias Jost in the podcast Rethink Work.

Dusseldorf “Number 1 mistake in the CV”, “Font in the application” and “Salary negotiation – avoid these sentences” – these are the names of the videos by Tobias Jost, 33. As a “career guru” he reaches almost 600,000 people on the short video platform Tiktok, his videos are made watched more than a million times. The 33-year-old Jost is addressing Generation Z, i.e. the generation born after 1997.

“I want to be the person I always missed a bit when I was at school, when I was at university,” says Jost in the Handelsblatt podcast Rethink Work. From his point of view, working with impact is extremely important for the younger generation – but at the same time they have never learned to deal with the meaningfulness. “Generation Z immediately entered the needs pyramid relatively high up. Hygiene factors such as salary no longer count,” says Jost.

At the same time, his successful videos are also part of his business model. Jost himself was originally a founder, today he earns his money with advertising and connecting companies with Generation Z. “Everyone is complaining about it now: We can’t find any skilled workers. However, as a company, I cannot change the demographic change. What I can change is my communication.”

From Jost’s point of view, storytelling is therefore particularly important as a company these days. He encourages companies to dare to make their own appearances on social media “that are more than just dancing and singing”. He advises companies on how they can also attractively market supposedly unattractive locations or jobs that do not make much sense. At the same time, says Jost, status is still very important for Generation Z – but not in the sense of a big company car, but that you can present something to the outside world with your job. Storytelling is also suitable for this.

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Why the Chinese platform Tiktok is needed to reach the younger generation, whether being a job influencer has an expiry date and to what extent it is also problematic that nowadays everyone can present themselves as a coach on career topics – you can find out all this in the current episode of Handelsblatt Rethink Work.

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