Historic Stock Auction: CoinEx “Epic Sell” Begins Now

The fourth “epic sell” previously mined by ViaBTC, the third largest mining pool in the world, is currently up for auction on cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx. The auction, the first public auction of “epic sat” on an exchange, started at 00:00 (UTC+8) on April 23. Once accessing the auction page, CoinEx users can place their bids instantly with a minimum bid of 1 BTC.

The auction will end on April 26 at 00:00 (UTC+8) and the highest bidder will have the opportunity to obtain this rare “epic sat” token. To participate in the auction, participants will need to have sufficient funds in their CoinEx spot account. Only BTC bids are accepted in the auction. Upon receipt of the offer, the system will deduct BTC holdings. In the event of a higher bid, the assets will be returned immediately and participants will be allowed to make a second bid. CoinEx will notify all participants of the results via on-site messages and emails.

The first satoshi (the smallest unit of a bitcoin) of each halving occurs after block 210,000, or approximately every four years, and is called an ‘epic sat’. There are only about 32 epic satoshi in total, making each one unique and noteworthy. There are currently only four epic epic sats on the market, making each one of unique historical importance and scarcity within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Sotheby’s once auctioned off a less rare find than an epic satellite, and it sold for a whopping $107,950 USD.

About CoinEx

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to making transactions easier. The platform offers a range of services including spot and margin trading, futures, clearing, automated market maker (AMM) and financial account services for more than 5 million users in more than 200 countries and territories.

With their “quality, fast and comprehensive” listing strategy, CoinEx has listed 900+ tokens and 400+ trading pairs. This comprehensive selection gives users access to the latest cryptos at the forefront of innovation. CoinEx has resolutely adhered to the “user first” service principle since its establishment. With the sincere intention of nurturing an equitable, respectful and secure crypto trading environment, CoinEx offers easy-to-use products that enable individuals with different experience levels to effortlessly access the world of cryptocurrency.

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