He got into trouble because of the Lite version of TikTok! Here’s why

Chinese video platform TikTok, European Union (EU) Having problems with again. This time it’s about the version of the TikTok Lite app. The European Commission has launched a second lawsuit against online platform TikTok.

The Commission will hold a hearing in Brussels on 22 April 2024 regarding the Chinese company’s TikTok Lite application of minors mental health whether it jeopardizes EU rules and whether it violates He announced that he would examine it.

Major platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram and TikTok since August 2023 Digital Services Act (DSA) must meet the requirements. A rewards program that allows users of the TikTok Lite application to collect points when they complete certain tasks is particularly popular due to its addictive potential. worrying for children.

Moreover, it is unclear whether the app is effective in verifying age. The European Union Commission criticizes TikTok for publishing its application version in France and Spain without performing a risk assessment. Such a report April 18, 2024 It was supposed to be submitted by , but TikTok couldn’t make it.

Unexpected TikTok statement from Elon Musk!  If it is banned…

Unexpected TikTok statement from Elon Musk! If it is banned…

What does Elon Musk think about the TikTok ban? Musk, the owner of X, made some criticisms of the platform.

The online platform is now conducting a risk assessment of new reward functions. have to submit within 24 hours, otherwise he may face daily fines. According to the commission, TikTok could face fines of up to one percent of total annual revenue or global sales.

EU Commission, February 2024′He filed another lawsuit against TikTok. The case was investigating whether the online company had taken adequate measures against the spread of illegal content and whether it had breached EU rules on the protection of minors and advertising transparency. The Commission stated that the second case initiated against TikTok aims to examine whether the online platform complies with the DSA.

The EU Commission initiated similar proceedings against X in Brussels. X, also known as Twitter, is subject to strict EU control over online content and user security. Pressure is mounting on TikTok and other major online platforms to comply with the EU’s Digital Services Act.

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