He bought and modified the car his father sold after 20 years

Mehmet Aykan, an auto mechanic living in Karaman, found and bought the sparrow model car his father had sold 20 years ago. The vehicle modified by Aykan can now reach 100 kilometers in 6 hours.

An auto mechanic living in Karaman, who is interested in tuning, bought his father’s 1991 model sparrow car 20 years ago.

The car, which can be renewed from start to finish, can reach up to 100 kilometers in 6 seconds; He placed 2nd in the last race he participated in.

He bought his father’s car after 20 years.

an auto mechanic Mehmet Aykan, in an advertisement for the car that his father bought in 1991 and sold after 11 years of use. 20 occurred a year later. Ayken, who bought the car immediately, started to participate in the races after modifying the car. In his spare time, Ayhan takes care of the vehicle, whose seats and rearview mirrors are removed so that it does not weigh heavily during the races. Modification enthusiasts who see the car watch it with great interest.

Mehmet Aykan stated that he has been interested in modified vehicles since his childhood. “We try to participate in the organized races as much as we can. My father, the car I drive now, was in 1991. as zero He bought it and sold it after about 11 years of riding. My childhood was spent in this vehicle. After 20 years, I saw the car in sales ads and immediately bought it. I completely rebuilt the car with 2 of my friends to participate in the races. 120 thousand liras we spent money. We worked hard day and night. Since most of the parts are not here, we brought them all from abroad” He said and stated that his passion for racing never waned.

Can be connected to computer like new model vehicles

He found his father's car 20 years later and bought it

Your vehicle, just like new model vehicles can connect to computer Saying Aykan, “In this way, we can control the brain of the vehicle. We provide fuel with nitrogen gas so that it can accelerate to high speed. In the last race held in Antalya, we completed the 400 meters in 13.5 seconds. The vehicle reaches 100 kilometers in 6 seconds. Its engine has been completely modified and has a turbocharger. In short, its engine It’s made entirely of steel” said.


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“We have a shortage of tracks in Karaman. We are not the only ones, we have many friends who want to participate in the races. Until now, only we were able to participate in the races held in other provinces in line with our possibilities. But we have many friends who want to participate in the races. Since there is no track in Karaman, we have many friends who want to participate in the races. I I had to take the vehicle to Konya with a tow truck for 3 days and get ready there.. That’s why we want a runway to be built in Karaman.” Saying that, Aykan noted that he brought the car to the races with a tow truck because he could not drive.

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