Handheld Console ASUS ROG Ally Introduced

ASUS’ Steam Deck rival handheld console has been officially announced. The product named “ROG Ally”, which was thought to be an April 1 joke in the first post, will be released in the near future. So what will ASUS ROG Ally offer to gamers?

World famous technology company ASUS, has been on the agenda for a few days with a strange issue. So much so that the company made a post on its official social media accounts on April 1 and said, “ROG Allyannounced a new handheld console named “.

This is because prepared It was a promotional video. Because the subject of the video involved someone who forgot his key at home, remembering the ROG Ally in his pocket and starting to have fun. Also, the people in the video were zombies. In summary; The announcement video looked more like a troll video.

However, we were wrong! ASUS ROG Ally appeared as a real console

The latest news about ASUS’ new game console, this console’s April 1st joke that you are not made it understandable. So much so that Dave2D and Linus Tech Tips, known as YouTube channels that shoot videos on technology, served review videos of this console. Looking at the shared information, ASUS ROG Ally’s 7 inch size With a 1080p screen, we see that this screen offers a 120 Hz refresh rate. It is also stated that the console is more performant than the Steam Deck.


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When the console, which has been keeping ASUS on the agenda for a few days, will be released and other technical features not yet known. However, in the posts on Twitter, it is stated that this console has a Windows operating system. This means that you can play all the games in your Steam library on this console. For ASUS, ROG Ally global launch When it is done, we will have the opportunity to learn all the features of this console.

Here’s the promotional video of ASUS ROG Ally that made it seem like a joke

You can watch the video Linus Tech Tip shared with the ROG Ally prototype below.


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Dave2D’s ROG Ally video:

If you are wondering about the features of Steam Deck:


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