Google updates its driver’s license app with Android 13!

Today, many people no longer carry their bank cards and essential members of their wallet, such as their driver’s license and ID. They can even leave their wallets at home. Both Apple on the iOS side and Google allow it to be used in many countries, thanks to the support it offers with Android. Now, this feature is being updated after the arrival of the new OS version. Here are the details…

No more ‘Google is listening to us’ jokes! Here is the new security feature!

With Android 13, the driver’s license will be kept more secure

Our smartphones, in which we can store many cards, including driver’s license, actually bring many advantages. For example, even if your phone is stolen, you will not lose it. It performs the remote wipe, then you can install it on a different device.

Google recently introduced the Identity Credential API in the Android 11 operating system to store identity cards. He has been using this system for a long time. But now, devices that ship with Android 13 are said to have additional hardware to store digital driver licenses.

According to the information revealed, a recent code change is that the chipsets of devices that ship with Android 13 must support the Credentials Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) in 202201 or later feature versions. Also, this version has support for submitting multiple documents in a single action, such as simultaneously storing and sharing your driver’s license and license.

Android driver's license

Google will not make it mandatory for devices with Android 13 update to support this feature. But new devices that ship with Android 13 will need to support it, as it’s mandated by a test in VTS (Vendor Test Suite—an automated testing suite that verifies the vendor app’s compliance with Google requirements).

The mobile driver’s license is a much-loved feature by US citizens. Because, thanks to this feature, you can remove many physical items from your wallet, from vaccination certificates to identity cards. In addition, with its rival platform iOS 15, Apple also announced that it will accept digital IDs used by the TSA for domestic travel.

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