Google Pixel 8 Pro appeared in the Geekbench database

The countdown has begun for the Pixel 8 series, which will be introduced at the Google event to be held on October 4. Numerous leaks have emerged about the devices to date, and thus, there are not many questions left in mind about what kind of performance they will offer. Finally, the Pixel 8 Pro model with high-end features of the series appeared in the performance test.

Google Pixel 8 Pro in Geekbench database

Google Pixel 8Pro model appeared in the Geekbench database. From the single core tests performed on the phone 1,760from multi-core tests 4 thousand 442 points managed to get it. The points in question were introduced last month. iPhone 15 series pro It is much lower than other models. As you may remember iPhone 15 Pro It received 2 thousand 908 and 7 thousand 238 points in single and multi-core tests, respectively.

Of course, we should point out that these data are on paper and may change in real use. But still Google‘of Tensor G3 And Apple‘of A17 Pro It is possible to say that it gives an idea about the performance of the chipsets.

16 GB RAM and OIS camera: Vivo Y200's technical specifications and design have been announced!

16 GB RAM and OIS camera: Vivo Y200’s technical specifications and design have been announced!

A recent new report reveals the specifications and design of the upcoming Vivo Y200 model.

The technical features of the Google Pixel 8 series that have been announced so far are as follows:

Features Google Pixel 8 Google Pixel 8 Pro
Screen size: 6.2 inch 6.7 inch
Screen Refresh Rate: 120Hz 120Hz
Processor: Google Tensor G3 Google Tensor G3
Front camera: 10.5 Megapixels 10.5 Megapixels
Rear Camera(s): 50 Megapixel Main + 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide Angle 50 Megapixel Main + 48 Megapixel Ultra Wide Angle + 48 Megapixel 5x Optical Zoom
Video Recording: 4K 4K
Water and Dust Resistance (IP68): Yes Yes
Update Support: 7 years 7 years

Apart from this, you can watch the video below in which Google makes fun of the iPhone 15 for switching to USB-C after many years.

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