GM Gets Patent for Auto-Darkening Windshields in Automobiles

General Motors has received a patent that will make windshields in cars smart. This patent includes a new technology that allows only the light parts of the windshield to be dimmed with the support of augmented reality. In this way, the headlights of oncoming vehicles or the sun hitting the driver’s face cannot cause loss of visibility.

One of the deep-rooted names in the automotive world General Motorshas received a patent for a technology that will increase the driving experience and comfort. The patent, which started to be listed in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database recently, covers windshields in vehicles. makes it smart.

Our licensed readers know; One of the hardest parts of the journey is the interview. oncoming vehicle turn on high beams or going against the Sun seriously affects the vision. Here is the new patent received by General Motors, with augmented reality automatically dims the windshield contains a technology. In this way, the best viewing experience will always be provided for the driver.

Only the area where the light comes from will be darkened!

General Motors’ new technology, added to the vehicle a set of sensors working with. These sensors detect where the beam is coming from and apply dimming accordingly. In this way, the glass without blacking outproviding the best experience for the driver.


In the image above, there is an example of how the patent would work. Let me explain for better understanding. First look at the drawing on the right and in area 60 Assume there is a light source. Let this light source be a car standing on the side of the road. General Motors’ augmented reality powered technology on the windshield It will dim in the part corresponding to the 60th area.. Thus, the light of the vehicle will not disturb the driver’s eyes.

General Motors patent

There are more technical details in the image above. Window dimming technology on your head will have a control mechanism in an area placed. This mechanism memorizes the glass dimensions and for the correct dimming area. will calculate.


Did you know that this bump in the middle of the back seat of cars actually has a very important task?

When will the technology patented by General Motors become a real product? Unknown. However, such a technology could have such an important use that it could prevent traffic accidents. That’s why smart windshields in a few years It’s likely to come out officially…

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