Football World Cup in Qatar 2022: Liveblog for the group stage

“Mundo Deportivo”: “However, the game against Germany confirmed that the generational change is already a reality. Despite her youth, La Roja is ready to go head-to-head with anyone. Luis Enrique’s team continues to mature, now against an experienced world champion who only reacted when he went behind.”

“El País”: “Two substitutes were the scorers in a very competitive game, a duel with a lot of tension until the end, with loose Germany in the closing stages, with more shots for Unai than Neuer.”

“View”: “Joker Füllkrug saves the DFB-Elf from the next setback. The best: Well, if someone comes in like that, Germany in an extremely tricky situation, 0-1 behind, and then stays so determined and ice cold in front of the goal, he certainly deserves this award: Niclas Füllkrug!

“Daily Gazette”: “Germany throws back into the tournament”

“Crown”: “World Cup chance is alive. Full pitcher saves Germany point against Spain”

“Courier”: “Those declared dead live longer. An old saying that could come true in the case of the Germans at this World Cup.”

Great Britain:
The Telegraph: “Niclas Füllkrug had only been a Germany international for 12 days and wasn’t even in the first division last season, but when a great footballing nation was looking for some sort of savior, the 29-year-old striker’s time had finally come.”

“The Sun”: “Superjoker Füllkrug keeps Germany’s World Cup hopes alive. On a night when we expected to wave goodbye to the Germans, they simply showed their age-old resilience.”

Daily Mirror: “Germany’s World Cup hopes are hanging by a thread despite the spirited draw.”

“The Guardians”: “It turns out that Germany still has a number 9. Her name is Niclas Füllkrug, he is 29 and his international career lasts less than a month. And when it mattered most, he was there.”

“The Independent”: “A draw that probably shows why burgeoning Spain won’t win this World Cup and why Germany aren’t eliminated. It’s such a fine line.”

The Times: “Niclas Füllkrug, the killer with the gap in his teeth, is getting Germany out of a deep hole in Qatar.”

“AD”: “Full suspense in Group E after spectacular draw between Spain and Germany: Germany trembles and prays but is still not eliminated after 1-1 draw with Spain. One point from two games, but it can still work out. In any case, Füllkrug gave Germany back the color on their cheeks with his goal. Last in the group, but still not without a chance. Anything is possible in this group.”

“The Telegraph”: “Germany is still alive at the World Cup after a late save against Spain. Germany playing Costa Rica last seems to be the lifeboat for our eastern neighbors. The team hasn’t made much of an impression at this World Cup so far.”

Voetbal International: “Germany escaped unscathed from the conflict with Spain. The Germans didn’t win in the second group game either, but thanks to Niclas Füllkrug, the starting position doesn’t look that bad, as crazy as it sounds. A wonderful football game ended in a draw.”

“L’Equipe”: “Who is Niclas Füllkrug, Werder Bremen attacker, goalscorer against Spain? The surprise on Hans-Dieter Flick’s list for the World Cup in Qatar, Werder Bremen striker Niclas Füllkrug brings a breath of fresh air to the German squad with his personality. His goal on Sunday evening saves Germany from disaster.”

New York Times: “Germany has faced the darkness. Well, after a tense and dreary week, there is hope once again.”

“Washington Post”: “With a big “Oof!” from an unexpected source just before the end of the day, Germany increased their chances to something that is rarer than rare in their highly decorated World Cup history. It can still climb out of the crypt just before the lid closes (…) If it can’t beat Costa Rica or Japan beat Spain, Germany would have been eliminated in the group stage of a World Cup for the second time in a row, something unthinkable in a legacy with four titles, four second places and three third places.”

“La Republica”: “Among the laws of the soccer World Cup, there is one tried and tested classic: never give up on Germany.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Filling jug saves Germany.”

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