Flash Decision About Thodex Founder!

Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of the crypto exchange Thodex, went to court today. Albania decided to extradite Özer to Turkey.

In Turkey via Thodex billion dollars in 2021 said to have made a profit, and since April 2021 Interpol by red notice sought with Faruk Fatih Ozer, He was captured in Albania on 30 August.

According to the statement made by Albania, Özer’s hearing on the extradition process to Turkey will be held before 21 Octoberto then to 17 November postponed. At the hearing held today, Özer It was decided to extradite him to Turkey.

About 21 defendants, 6 of whom are imprisoned, including the fugitive founder.Establishing and managing an organization with the aim of committing a crime”, “fraud by using information systems, banks or credit institutions as tools” and “laundering the assets of merchants or company managers and cooperative managers arising from fraud and crime”“of his crimes 12 thousand 164‘every year 40 thousand 562A prison sentence of up to one year is requested.

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