FCS counters Magdeburg: the racism scandal turns into a mud battle – football

With the FCS there is simply no rest. Now the racism scandal surrounding Dennis Erdmann (30 years old / 8 weeks in suspension) is turning into a mud battle.

On the one hand: FCM trainer Christian Titz (50). On the other: FCS trainer Uwe Koschinat (50) and sports director Jürgen Luginger (53).

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Background: Titz had shot against Saarbrücken after the verdict against Erdmann: “When we started the game, we knew that we would meet a team that was trying to get into the game through verbality, physicality and preventing the flow of the game. These are the means they have chosen, and if you get wrong in verbality, you have to bear the consequences for it. “

The consequence is an 8-week ban, which the FCS is appealing.

Coach Uwe Koschinat (49) defends himself against Titz’s allegations: “As a colleague, I can say that from my point of view it is very mean. The coach fell around my neck after the game and congratulated me properly. To say afterwards that we had the plan to bring Magdeburg out of the game by constantly crossing borders is not okay. “

Luginger adds: “Of course we play physically. But it has nothing to do with verbality. Then he should ask his players. If you sit in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t know if defeat still hurts him. I find it amazing what he says of himself. “

Also at issue: FCM professional and witness Baris Atik. The sports court classified him as “untrustworthy”. His team-mate Condé, on the other hand, was believed.

Koschinat: “The one who started the whole thing has become someone whom the judge has described as completely untrustworthy and a liar.”

Koschinat sees Atik as the instigator: “Baris Atik already started in the morning and said: ‘We’ll kick the earth man’s tapes.’ And none of us ran in front of the opposition stands to cheer. “

But what no one should forget in the discussion: Verbality and bad demeanor or not – racism is a completely different level that cannot be justified with anything. To be continued before the Federal Supreme Court …