Fallout RPG Experience Moved to Excel

When you see what the YouTuber in question has done with Excel, you will think twice before adding Excel to your CV.

Having a deep-rooted universe fall out, remained on the agenda for a long time as soon as it came to Amazon with its series, and even those who had no interest in the series became interested in computer games. Of course, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that those who were familiar with computer games were also sidelined in this process. Such rivalries continue among fans.

On the other hand, he can’t keep up his pace fall out There are those who wander around with their costumes, who try to find cheap Pip-Boys on the internet, and who try to integrate into the universe as much as they can. One of them became a YouTuber with his channel named Dynamic Pear. YouTuber, who designed a game inspired by Fallout, in excel made.

Yes, in Excel.

As a point in the gameplay reminiscent of the Fallout 1 and 2 period, we can move our character and go to areas. The weirdest thing is that this Excel Even a mission has been added to the game. As if this wasn’t enough, there are conflict mechanics in the game. “Is it over?” If you say, it’s not over. You can even level up in the game. And this all happens on Excel.

Aforementioned fall out You can download the game from this link. Apart from the Fallout game, Dynamic Pear also has games inspired by other productions. The YouTuber in question says that he is eager to make games, but lacks the talent and time to learn it. But in excel When he realized he was spending too much time, he said,Why don’t I do it on Excel?” he thought and headed here. Oddly enough, coding seems easier to some than learning Excel. What are you thinking?


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