Explanation About the Camera of vivo X100 Ultra

Huang Tao, one of vivo’s senior managers, made an explosive statement about the upcoming X100 Ultra. Tao said that the device will actually be a camera with phone features.

Chinese technology giant vivo has been working on a new smartphone for a while. This smartphone will be the newest model of the recently announced X100 series X100 Ultra. The latest news is that this smartphone will hit the agenda like a bomb it reveals.

Among the senior executives of vivo Huang Taomade a remarkable statement on China’s social media platform Weibo. Saying that the upcoming vivo X100 Ultra will be a special smartphone, Tao said that this device professional camera experience He said he would present it.

“It will be a professional camera with phone functionality as well”

According to the statement made by Huang Tao, the X100 Ultra will offer such a good camera performance that this device is actually a device that also has phone features. a professional camera It will be launched as. The vivo manager noted that this was not an easy thing to achieve, but they did their best he stated.


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According to the information obtained, vivo X100 Ultra, LYT-900 with sensor It will host a 50 MP main camera. Ultra wide-angle camera, telephoto camera and periscope camera will also be available on this smartphone. The telephoto camera will offer 200 MP resolution, 200x digital zoom It is also among the rumors that he can do it. All of this will become clear with vivo’s official announcement.

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