European Banking Commission Publishes Digital Euro Opinion Report

European Commission with bankers operating in the countries of the region EBFpublished a report summarizing their perspectives on the digital euro project, which is expected to be implemented in the future. In the report, commercial banks CBDC expectations and concerns about the currency were raised.

In its document published today, the EBF emphasized the importance that banks attach to stability and privacy. digital euro He called for more public-private partnerships in his work.

“Currently there is no communication channel through which we can address the risks that may arise from changes in the financial system.”

Vision of the Banking Commission

The European Banking Commission put forward a vision statement to reduce the dependence of the countries of the region on “external factors”. According to the Commission, three different elements are of great importance:

According to the common vision of the EBF members, the digital Euro should not only be publicly funded. Banks sought a stage called “Level B” for later development by the private sector.

“The European market has different views on the development of payment solutions. We need authorities to converge policy goals.”

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