Efe Bulduk Commented: Is the Giant Bitcoin Exchange FTX Hacked?

FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been mentioned with its very interesting claims recently.

In the allegations that FTX was mentioned with many suspicious transactions and more than 45,000 BTC exits, it was also emphasized that the stock market was hacked and the transfers of the stock market were passed in darknet-connected wallets.

Of course, these are only asserted as allegations and the CEO Sam Bankman-Fried denied them.

We Found, Interpreted FTX Events

Efe Bulduk, one of the well-known names in the crypto money industry, made a statement on the subject.

The famous name stated that the events started with the emergence of BTC with a value of over $ 2 billion from the FTX exchange on September 10. Stating that these BTCs were first sent to a wallet and then transferred to wallets linked to dark web marketplaces such as Hydra, Bulduk emphasized that the names of some crypto money exchanges were also confused here.

According to the data cited by Bulduk, exchanges such as Crypto.com, Bitfinex and BtcTurk also interact in these transfers. While the SBF stated that this was a consolidation of unspent transaction outputs, Bulduk claimed that this was “not the case at all” and pointed to a dangerous situation.

We found it, in summary, he stated:

“I am writing for those who say come to the point Efe. I don’t want to scare or panic anyone. But this is not normal at all. Allegedly, there are 8k Bitcoins left on the FTX exchange. As I mentioned, the 45.5k BTC that was brought out is transferred from wallet to wallet by minus.”

The situation has not yet been clarified.

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