Discord Will Completely Renew Its Mobile Application

Discord announced that it will soon completely renew its mobile application, which was published in 2015. The new application will be quite different.

Discordopenly describes its mobile application, which was published in 2015. “a simplified version of the desktop application” While describing the application as “enhanced mobile experience” It also announced its new version that offers In the new version navigation tabs will be changed, and the menu at the bottom of the screen will include Servers, Messages, Notifications and You tabs.

Discord is preparing for a big change

Although Discord Although it will make changes to the horizontal menu in the first stage, the Servers tab will almost retain its previous appearance. The only major change here will be that this tab will not be used for direct messaging. Instead, it will replace the current friends tab. Messages You will need to use the tab.

This section will include both one-on-one messaging and group messages, that is, like whatsapp The system we see in applications will be preferred. This will make messaging easier. Additionally, desired messages can be marked and pinned at the top of this tab. It will also be possible to search for contacts, shared documents, other files and images using the search bar of the tab.

Notifications In the tab, we will now be able to see server activities, friend requests, and replies to messages. In addition, we will no longer have to deal with deleting incoming notifications one by one, the notifications will be deleted automatically. With the removal of the search tab from the submenu You tab, will be the last tab in this menu. From this tab we will be able to control our account and make settings. Those who want a completely black background can choose the new Midnight theme from this tab.



Application with new update become more fluid will also be brought. According to Discord’s claim, the new application will open in 55% less time on Android and 43% less time on iOS and will use four times less data in the process. Additionally, audio and video communication features are available. will be developed.

In addition to these innovations, Discord adds server member lists faster access, announced that it is also working on features such as better search filters and more personalization options. The new version will arrive in early 2024.

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