Dacia Duster will be produced in Bursa: Will prices decrease?

Domestic Duster claims have been spoken between Oyak Renault Factories and Dacia for years. According to these allegations, Duster would be from Bursa, like his Renault family relative Megane. In the intervening periods, although this issue was discussed again only with the electric Duster model, no production took place. But now there are new claims! Is Dacia Duster really from Bursa? Here are the details…

Dacia Duster will be produced in Bursa Oyak Renault factories!

According to a special report by Emre Özpeynirci, one of the automotive industry journalists, these allegations are true. Oyak Renault undertook the production of the SUV Duster model from the Dacia model family. In the light of these claims, we will now be able to see the “domestic production” logo on Duster models at Dacia dealers. In addition, with this new production, Duster prices are expected to decrease.

Duster, which was launched in 2010, has always been produced in Romania in the 13 years that have passed. The model, which is loved by both fleets, companies and families in Turkey, took the second place in our list of the best-selling SUVs in our country. Behind this success is that it is affordable and meets the needs of the user group in the required extent.

The best-selling SUV models in Turkey by 2023!

The best-selling SUV models in Turkey by 2023!

We have listed the best-selling SUV models in Turkey for 2023 among the SUV models whose market shares are increasing day by day.

According to the information obtained, Oyak Renault has increased its annual production capacity to 500 thousand cars. Currently, 300 thousand units of the current production capacity are reserved for Renault Clio and Mitsubishi Cold models. The remaining 200 thousand capacity was reserved for Duster. While Oyak was serving a single brand as “Oyak Renault” when it was first opened, it has now become a factory serving 3 different brands.

2023 March Dacia Duster price list!

The recommended turnkey sales prices of Dacia Duster for March 2023 are as follows:

Hardware and engine 2023 Key
delivery selling price
Essential TCe 90 hp 613,000 ₺
Expression ECO-G 100 hp 673,000 ₺
Essential Blue dCi 115 hp 4×2 703,900 ₺
Essential TCe 150hp EDC 705.900 ₺
Essential TCe 150 hp 4×4 724,000 ₺
Journey TCe 150 hp EDC 754.900 ₺
Essential Blue dCi 115 hp 4×4 799.000 ₺
Dacia Duster

So what do you think? Do you think Duster prices will decrease with the new production? We are waiting your comments!

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