Cryptocurrency Friendly US Deputy Criticizes SEC Chairman! “You’re Late as Always!”

cryptocurrencies continuing its pressure on US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last night Gemini and Genesisannounced that it had filed a lawsuit against .

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who made a statement after the news of the lawsuit. “Today’s accusations are based on previous actions to make available to the market and the investing public that crypto lending platforms and other intermediaries must comply with our time-tested securities laws.” said.

the SEC and Gary Genslercriticizing the statements of crypto- supporter of parliament Tom Emmerthe lawsuit filed against Gemini was untrue and described the lawsuit as being late to the game.

Going further in her criticism, Emmer said the SEC’s actions did not protect anyone and only hurt ordinary Americans.

“SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was once again late to the game without protecting anyone. It’s pretty clear that the strategy of regulation through political sanctions hurts ordinary Americans.

Mr. SEC Chair, when will you provide proactive guidance rather than setting rules through your post-incident enforcement actions? “

After the SEC Chairman’s statements, the SEC’s decision was made by Gemini co-founder. Tyler Winklevoss also criticized.

Stating that the decision disappointed them, Winklevoss said; “It is disappointing that the SEC has chosen to sue Gemini and other creditors have worked hard together to recover the funds. This action does nothing to further our efforts and help Earnings users get their assets back. Their behavior totally backfires…” said.

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