Crypto Mining Company Compute North Receives $385M Investment

Offering sustainable infrastructure support for cryptocurrency mining, Compute North has raised $385 million in funding.

Of the $385 million, $85 million came from the Series C investment in which Mercuria, Generate Capital and National Grid Partners participated, and $300 million came from Generate Capital’s financing through debt instruments.

Compute North will use the funding to build new data centers and expand operations across the US. When Compute North customers mine cryptocurrencies, it provides scalable, sustainable and cost-effective benefit from infrastructure services.

Dave Perrill, CEO of Compute North to sustainable infrastructure solutions Stating that there is an “unprecedented” level of demand for the turkey, he said that they will use the funding they receive to meet this demand.

Emphasizing the themes of sustainable energy and renewable growth, Compute North has recently expanded its operations especially in Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas.

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