Critical Step from the World Giant US Bank: Launched Token Services!

Citigroup, one of the world’s largest banks, launched the pilot application of Citi Token Services to offer digital asset solutions to its corporate customers.

citigroup an ambitious blockchain took the step. In a statement made on its official website on September 18, Citigroup announced to its corporate customers: yProviding innovative digital asset solutions announced that it has launched the pilot application of Citi Token Services on its behalf.

Citi Token Services allow deposits to be made by users. can be transferred instantly to anywhere in the world to digital tokens will enable its transformation. In its statement, Citi said that the service would be available to corporate customers. providing innovative digital asset solutions in the name of blockchain And smart contract He stated that he benefited from the technologies.

Citi Token Services also tokenized deposits And smart contracts own special to the blockchain by integrating cash management And trade finance will improve its services. In this regard, customers will be able to access the service through the bank’s existing systems without the need to set up their own digital wallets.

Tokenized deposits are distributed to Citigroup customers. A fast and safe trading opportunity will present. Corporate customers benefit from this service 24/7 will be able to benefit and thus normally lasting 48 hours Traditional transactions take place in a few seconds at atomic speed It will have an infrastructure.

President of Citigroup Global Services Shahmir Khaliq In his statement on the subject, he stated that the development of Citi Token Services is part of their goal of offering a new generation banking service to corporate customers simultaneously and at any time.

This step taken for corporate customers was announced on September 15. BondbloX Bond Exchange It was launched as a continuation of the partnership established with (BBX).

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